FinTeix Hybrid Solar Energy Generation System:

Hybrid Solar Energy Generation System:

Our innovative system uses a highly reflective and light-weight material in an optical design (patented worldwide) that has 99% throughput at >500x energy concentration, along with advanced Quantum Dot enhanced Photovoltaic cells that have over 40% solar to electrical energy conversion, the system achieves a 87% overall CPV and thermal efficiency.


High Efficiency● Cells are 40%+ efficiency ● System is 87% efficiency● 400%+ total power generates than fixed PV● Dual Axis Tracking to Capture 100% of the sun● Less than 70% Size of current PV panels Faster Battery Charging● Each SOM could generates 12VDC@28.8Amps● System could generates 108VDC@3.2Amps for series internal connection New Technology● Use Triple-Junction Cells for a wider acceptance of the sun light spectrum Energy Saving● Extra Thermal Energy Collect could be used to generate more electricity or provide hot water (each SOM generates 900 BTU/H)  High Reliability● Excellent to Thermal Induced Degradation Less than 1% average degradation in the operation temperatures 100°C (212°F).● Excellent Resistance to Lifetime Degradation Pass the Reliability Test – After 100 Days accelerated life test, equivalent to 37 years operation at 150°C (302°F),Only 6% degradation after t