About Us:

FinTeix Pte. Ltd was founded in 2017 by a team of Serial Entrepreneurs with over 50 years of professional industry experience. Our Founder/Chairman stated, “Innovation is about a basic necessity, and the desire to provide a better life for every human being“. Our Company is actively pushing this legacy to not only disrupt the industry and improve human life, but to build trust where trust is broken, and change the current status quo as required

Our Vision

FinTeix is founded on the vision of pioneering positive change and disruptive innovation to what we believe are four essential industries – Energy, Finance, Telecom, and Healthcare, We also pursue collaboration with link-minded companies that seek to help restore equality and integrity to these four key industries.

We pursue a clear goal to build a company who never stops innovating. With our current global network of R&D Center consortiums across 3 Continents, we plan to innovate the most sophisticated technologies of the future, in hardware and software. FinTeix is creating a new trusted Blockchain Application which will work in harmony together with our hardware products which are being developed by our leading-edge FinTeix Scientists and Engineers.

Our Mission

FinTeix’s mission is to creatively transform the four essential industries with the ultimate goal of putting humanity first. We seek to persue innovation that will support all consumer and businesses alike.